Neighbors of Ashby BART - 2006-2007 archive

feasibility studies

1967: Berkeley Transit Route and Air Space Development Study found that housing on the Ashby BART site was not economically feasible. (See Sara Billing's history of Ashby BART development proposals, 1967-2003 (1.2MB PDF)

1990: "Office of Economic Development Staff has recently studied the feasibility of Ashby BART development, and found it infeasible due to current market conditions."--South Berkeley Area Plan

2001: Ashby BART development feasibility study done for the city by Chris Longinetti (4.5MB PDF). City Manager Weldon Rucker's summary in his 1/11/02 cover memo to the City Council: "... development is not currently feasible, due primarily to the high cost of providing replacement parking."

4/16/2004 "Ashby Bart Site Development Feasibility Analysis" done by Strategic Economics for the East Bay Community Foundation. This document is referred to in the Caltrans grant application. The study considered two alternatives: five stories with 482 units (67 units per acre) and six stories with 553 units (76 units per acre). It concluded that if BART replacement parking were provided, the five-story development would be feasible only if one-bedroom apartments could rent for $1,840-$2,000. (1.6MB PDF)

Strategic Economics rendering

"... the Ashby and Adeline frontages are assumed to be four stories of residential over commercial or residential street level space (a total of five stories from the Adeline elevation), and the pedestrian walkway is lined with four stories of residential dwelling units on each side."